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“Smarteen” club

“Smarteen”, or “smart games for smart teens” is the long-term project of EUYA that has found it's shape in few activities during last few years. Now “Smarteen” became a leisure time club in studio “Indigo” where youngsters gather time to time in order for trainings or tournaments.

Main goal of these trainings is complex approach to teach youth how to use productively their free time, to improve charismatic and intellectual qualities, to cooperate and to work in a team, to manage the process and to defend own opinion. Speaking narrowly, trainings are meant to prepare participants to tournaments, festivals and contests of intellectual games such, as “Brain-ring”, “What? Where? When?”, “Jeopardy”, “33 questions” etc. Tournaments take place as on local, so regional level between youth teams. The results of each game and season are emphasized with the award for the winner (considering educational orientation of the project, selection of awards is mainly from vouchers of book store to tickets to cultural events).

Whereas tournaments immerse participants in sripit of a competition where they have limited time and certain number of questions, trainings usually dedicated to team building and role plays so participants can feel and try responsibilities of each member of a team such, as:

  • captain, or team leader, who is taking part in discussions although his/her main task is to choose the only correct answer among other versions. Captain should have leader's characteristics and be an authority;
  • opponent is a second person in a team though does not taking part in discussions but only criticises all versions of an answer, direct the discussion in a right flow and eliminate incorrect and baseless versions. Opponent should have tenacious mind and logic;
  • “ideas generator” — one or two persons in a team who's main task to suggest as many versions of an answer as possible for rather short period of time. “Ideas generator” normally notable for ability to think outside the box and logically direct the discussion into right flow;
  • theorists — rest members of a team who develop proposed versions, defend them in front the opponent and finally keep the discussion going on. Theorists are supposed to have erudition and logic skills.

Project “Smarteen” has number of basic qualities, it is:

  • educational — helps to improve basic learning skills and habits such, as memory, attention, different models of perception, and language skills;
  • entertaining — creates friendly and exciting atmosphere for better learning;
  • communicative — unites pupils and participants in a team and provokes them to contact-making;
  • psychological — helps to control emotions and physically prepare brain to work in certain stress situations;
  • developing — in harmony develops personal qualities and activates reserve abilities and talents;
  • pedagogical — trains one's behaviour in certain situations while using methods of non-formal learning.
  • If you wish to try intellectual games please register by emailing to Dmitri Petchonkin.

    Information about implemented projects find here:

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