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Established in 2003, Estonian UNESCO Youth Association (EUYA) has six main divisions of its activities:

EUYA Outbound: international projects (EVS, youth exchanges, seminars, trainings, etc.) development and management aiming to support youth mobility, promote opportunities to non-formal education and intercultural learning;

EUYA Indigo: organising of youth leisure and facilities for activities for interests (mainly in Tartu and Tartumaa);

EUYA Training: management and implementation of short and long term projects aiming to support of training opportunities and possibilities of youth workers and leaders in order to raise the quality of youth work and individual skills;

EUYA Events: management and implementation of local and international events aiming to support and strengthen EUYA and UNESCO priorities and values;

EUYA Advisory: consulting and advisory services to support youth initiatives and project based activities of third sector, sharing of the experience and best practices;

EUYA Editorial: editing and translation of youthwork related printed and web-based content.

From December 2014 till June 2016 Estonian UNESCO Youth Association together with partners from Latvia and Austria has carried out the strategic partnership project “Creative Learning Cookbook”. You can find more info about project at its website creativelearningcookbook.tumblr.com or Facebook page. The project was supported by Erasmus+ programme.

News and updates related to certain projects EUYA spreads through its mailing lists:

EUYA Outbound: http://groups.google.com/group/euya_outbound

EUYA Volunteers: http://groups.google.com/group/euya_volunteers

Want to know even more? Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/EUYAngo

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